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Question by Walfred: Battlefield 3 Texture Packs?
Umm well huh I have got this question about the Battlefield 3 texture packs; has battlefield 3 officialy told us how much GBs is the texture packs are going to be? I mean: I have read some articles where they talk about this texture pack for Xbox 360 and they always say ” You rather get a Hard Drive ” So this means the game will pop up a window where it tells you ” Do you want to instal the high res. texutre packs? Or I will have to install the game as in every game? Also: how much will the quality of graphics and that stuff will be? Will it increase seriously a lot ? or it will only help a litte but it wont be a big change anyway…? So thats kinda my question… I have got an Xbox 360 Slim with 4gb anyway I use a USB of 8GBs which the xbox takes it as if it was of 6GBs cause the configuration needed for the xbox or something like that; I have already asked them on twitter althought i dont any reply back from @Battlefield :L So would you like to answer me? I will go to your profile and rate all of you as good but please I want a true answer as bf3 is realeasing in almost 1 day … thanks dudes..

I hope you can help me THANKS! :D

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Answer by Mario Caboose
What the people are talking about is the optional HD texture for the 360. basic DICE wants to make battlefield 3 a better experience for players so if you have a Hard drive for the 360 you can install the texture pack and it will increase the games quality. (they probably get on soon for the pc, to make it more AWESOME!!)

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